Adam Von Romer Named Florida CCIM RPAC Chairman

Adam Von Romer Named Florida CCIM RPAC Chairman

???????????????????????????????By Adam Von Romer

I want to open my first letter as Florida CCIM RPAC Chairman by thanking Randy Krise for his confidence and courage in letting me serve as your Chairman this year.

Some of you (especially the more seasoned CCIMs) may already know me and have worked with me in prior CCIM administrations. For those of you who do not, I have served as Broward District President, Broward District Vice President, Miami Assistant District Vice President and Florida CCIM Chapter Technology Co-Chair.

I have been in the business 31 years and have somehow managed to survive at least three complete business cycles. I have made some good friends over the years and completed my biggest transactions with fellow CCIMs. I even managed to convince my daughter to get into the business.

I volunteered to be RPAC Chairman for a very simple reason…self-preservation! It seems as if every day there is some new threat to our chosen field of endeavor. From the threatened repeal of the 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange to lengthening the recapture periods from 27.5 and 39 years to 43 years. I am old enough to remember (and survived) the Tax Reform Act Reform 1986 (some of you might even remember the SRI designation) and resultant real estate collapse. I began my career in real estate specifically to be involved in real estate partnerships and investment sales.

In all fairness, we have had some victories like the Commercial Lien Law (you haven’t lived until your seller shakes your hand at the closing table and tells you it “cheaper to litigate the commission than to pay it!” ). We still have some battles to fight, that is why with your help we can push for the repeal of the sales tax on commercial leases and to make sure that our elected officials know that we are out here and we care.

I know some of the incredible people that have chaired the RPAC committee in the past and I hope to live up to their high standards of stewardship. I am deeply honored to be your Florida CCIM RPAC Chairman.



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