Ben Crosby Enjoys Teaching the Dirty Side of the Business

Ben Crosby Enjoys Teaching the Dirty Side of the Business


Photo of Ben Crosby, CCIM, ALC

Ben Crosby, ALC, CCIM owner/broker of Crosby & Associates Inc., with his 30+ years of real estate experience, and is nationally recognized as an expert in land real estate and consulting. He prides himself on establishing a team of equally accomplished Associates that make up Crosby & Associates, Inc., based in Winter Haven. Not one to sit idle, this dedicated CCIM can also be found teaching RLI classes each year — like the upcoming Site Selection course slated for April 26 & 27 at the Osceola County Association of Realtors.

In addition to serving as a past Florida CCIM Chapter President, Crosby has been repeatedly recognized for his dedication and service to his craft. He is the recipient of the 2014 REALTORS® Land Institute (RLI) Land REALTOR® of America, 2014 RLI Excellence in Instruction Award for Florida and the 2014 Hank Thompson Award from the Florida CCIM Chapter.

When we asked Ben Crosby more about his interest in teaching RLI courses, we learned a few interesting facts:

Question: Which came first, your CCIM or your ALC Designation? Crosby: CCIM – I fast tracked to ALC.

Question: Do you use your CCIM training or do you promote CCIM training while teaching this course? Crosby: I do use some CCIM knowledge. It is deeply engrained. By contract, we are not allowed to promote anything other than RLI courses. Can’t even discuss my listings. For examples, we must use other people’s properties as examples.

Question: What do they both have in common? Crosby: Both deal in commercial properties. RLI is Realtors Land Institute so we are all about land, not any brick and mortar. We are heavy to agriculture and recreation land but site selection course does deal with non-agricultural commercial site selection as well as ag. The Land Investment Analysis course is somewhat like a light version of CI 101. Something I like about Site Selection course over the CCIM courses is Site Selection has check lists for most commercial segments. In other words, a list of all relevant bits of information you should gather to analyze and market a site.

Question: Why do you teach this course? Crosby: I was roped into teaching this and three other courses by Bill Eshenbaugh. He wanted to retire from teaching and promised Chicago he would replace himself. I only teach 3-4 times a year because I am otherwise too busy, but have had fun doing it and met many people can now call friends. By the way, Osceola County Assn of Realtors must be subsidizing the course as normal fee for this course is $325-$375. So, it is on sale!!

Question: So, you can fast track toward an ALC accreditation…does it go the other way around, can an ALC member fast track into the CCIM designation? Crosby: CCIM’s do fast track (3 courses instead of 6) to the ALC but ALC’s cannot fast track to CCIM. CCIM much more rigorous education than ALC.


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