Chapter Scholarship Process Reviewed, Simplified, Updated and Appreciated

Chapter Scholarship Process Reviewed, Simplified, Updated and Appreciated


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Filling out the paperwork to apply for a Florida Chapter Scholarship just got a bit easier, according to the chapter Scholarship Committee Chair, Mike Reichenbach.

We have developed a master application for Scholarships for courses that will hopefully be easier to disseminate and for all to use, explains the Madeira Beach CCIM. The new, simplified form has been beta tested and is now live on the website, the chairman explains.

“In that all scholarships and indeed CCIMs are looking for the same thing, I also am looking to add more about the Donors of the Scholarships on the cover page to further promote their legacy and encourage others,” Reichenbach shares.

Reichenbach said his research shows that CCIMs, especially those who would apply for a scholarship, are made up of the following:

  • Professionals that want to improve their skills as a commercial practitioner.
  • Professionals that recognize the advantage of working with and engaging only highly qualified professionals.
  • Students or young/new professionals that want to understand the needs and requirements of their customers and to have the skills to impart true and accurate information to them.
  • Students or new professionals that will maintain the integrity of and the image of CCIM, the organization and its members.

“I am sure there are more, but it should be our goal to build our CCIM brand so that we have lines of people wanting to be a part of our organization, get a scholarship or take the course and yet making it clear and easy to know what criteria matter and what benefits are derived,” he shares.

“Scholarships are open to all, so we have created one form that can easily be found on our website. It is also the goal to have a little earlier deadline to be able to have more time to select and then promote and advertise the winners” Reichenbach adds.

One of the winners from 2016 agrees that sharing news about the scholarship experience is important.

“I have truly benefited from the Bob Ward Scholarship,” explains Cynthia McLain, from the North District “As a Bob Ward Scholarship recipient for 2016, I was able to complete my CCIM educational courses this year. I have found the CCIM courses, to be an excellent resource for my commercial brokerage business,” she adds.

McLain said the instructors “have an abundance of knowledge and experience and are experts in their fields. They use real world applications to reinforce the course material, to assist members of commercial real estate, in how to make use of the information and increase their value to clients. I have been able to use the skills taught throughout the CCIM program in my day to day business. I have a better understanding of CRE investments and I am a better advisor to my clients.”

McLain adds that the CCIM Education has something to offer all members, from the brand new to the veteran members. The program covers basic investment analysis, however it includes the most updated resources, such as the financial calculator, internet resources, such as ESRI, analysis worksheets and more.

“I am looking forward to the final exam in October and continuing to hone my skills received through my CCIM education. I appreciate the award of the Bob Ward Scholarship and hope that many candidates after me, have the opportunity to take advantage of this great experience,” McLain shares.

Reichenbach encourages any chapter member or perspective chapter member to share the link with those who have expressed interest in the scholarship process. He reminds members that there were 33 scholarships distributed last year across the chapter, so he asks members to share the news that the process has been simplified and standardized.


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