Nominate a Designee for the Hank Thompson Award!

Nominate a Designee for the Hank Thompson Award!

CCIM LogoThe Hank Thompson Award originated in 1990 in honor of Henry E. Thompson, President of the Florida CCIM Chapter in 1983. The award is given in recognition of a Chapter Designee Member in good standing (as defined in the CCIM Institute Bylaws and Chapter Policy and Procedures), other than the serving President and President-Elect, who has made a significant impact on the Chapter on a cumulative basis.

The Hank Thompson Award recipient shall receive a personal plaque for his/her home or office, their state Chapter dues will be waived for life and they will receive the maximum media exposure as possible.

Criteria for Qualification of the Award:

  • Nominee must be a Designee with a minimum of 10 years as a member in good standing.
  • The Designee shall have played an important role in the development of programs and/or events that resulted in providing benefits and services to Chapter members.
  • The Designee shall have promoted high morale among the Chapter members.
  • The Designee shall have substantially assisted in the development of new members to the Chapter.
  • The Designee shall have demonstrated keen loyalty to the CCIM designation and to the Chapter.
  • The Designee shall have maintained the highest possible standard of business ethics in dealing with Chapter members.
  • The serving President and President-Elect shall not be eligible for nomination or receipt of the award during their appointments.

Please nominate a Designee for consideration for this prestigious award. Deadline for nominations is October 31, 2020.

Final vote will be conducted by the past Hank Thompson award recipients.

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Past Recipients of the Hank Thompson Award:

2019 Chere R. Roane, CCIM, CIPS, GRI, ABR, TRC
2018 *None Awarded
2017 *None Awarded
2016 *None Awarded
2015 *None Awarded
2014 Ben Crosby, CCIM
2013 Dick Rossiter, CCIM
2012 Kane Morris-Webster, CCIM & Wayne Kleinstiver, CCIM
2011 Paul L. White, CCIM
2010 Michael R. Shelton, CCIM
2009 Claudette Bruck, CCIM, CIPS, GRI
2008 Thomas E. Hankins, CCIM, SIOR
2007 Barbara Ann Monahan, CCIM, CRB
2006 Louis H. Nimkoff, CCIM, CPM
2005 Steven W. Moreira, CCIM,CIPS
2004 Roger B. Broderick, CCIM
2003 Cynthia Shelton, CCIM, CRE, CIPS
2002 Daniel J. Page, CCIM
2001 Phil Spinney, CCIM
2000 James Parrish, CCIM
1999 Warren T. Barry
1998 Robin Webb, CCIM, CHA, CHB, CRB
1997 Geraldine Jones, CCIM & Cynthia Shelton, CCIM, CRE, CIPS
1996 Robert L. Ward, CCIM
1995 Gary M. Ralston, CCIM, SIOR, CPM, CRE, CLS
1994 Becky Courson, CCIM
1993 Scott Shepard, CCIM
1992 Kent Kusel
1991 Dale Ashley, CCIM
1990 Hank Thompson, CCIM

The recipient of the award shall be entitled to receive the award more than once. The final vote will be conducted by the past Hank Thompson Award recipients.

* No nominee qualified per criteria.


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