Candidate Development


Review all the information on the How To Become A CCIM page. Candidates should Periodically go back and review the most current information! Candidates have many benefits by becoming a CCIM Institute Candidate.


  • There are also some Do’s and Don’ts – The most important one to remember is that Candidates may ONLY refer to their Candidacy on resumes with the following wording:
    “(Name) has become a Candidate Member of the CCIM Institute and is pursuing the Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM) Designation conferred by the organization.”
  • You may not use any reference or the word “Candidate” on business cards, flyers, signs, any marketing use of logo or other promotion is an infraction.
  • The Florida Chapter strongly encourages you to become a Candidate FL Chapter Member. This also includes membership in your local Florida district which is a tremendous asset.
  • This is NOT the same as CCIM Institute Candidate Membership
  • Also, browse this website and the sections on Candidate Development, Scholarships, Education Calendar, and your local district.

More Information: