Central District


The mission of the Florida CCIM Chapter is to provide the highest quality marketing and networking opportunities, services, and education that will enhance our members‘ ability to conduct business successfully.

The Central District serves the Volusia, Seminole, Orange, Brevard, Osceola, Lake, Sumter, and Marion counties.



District President

Nathan Eissler, CCIM
Avison Young

Office: (407) 440-6658
Mobile: (407) 342-7494
(407) 219-3501
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President Elect

Kaveh Albekord, CCIM
Albekord, Inc.

Phone: (407) 821-7821
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Chris Cucci, CCIM
Climate First Bank

Mobile: (407) 414-5474
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Veronica Malolos, CCIM
Capital Stack Real Estate Group

Office: (407) 949-0717
Mobile: (407) 791-3772
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Past President

Hunter Strickland, CCIM

Phone: (321) 663-1243
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What an exciting time to be a part of the Central Florida District of CCIM! As your 2022 President, I’m excited to lead our group into the new year with the continued goal of growing the next generation through thoughtful content and events within our entire eight-county district.
In 2022, we are committed to our members and sponsors and will continue help grow the membership and its value. We will do this through:

  1. Continued growth and development of our top-notch mentoring program to cultivate future CCIMs. As the Central Florida market grows there are plenty of young individuals looking to engage in CRE. Our community is full of great mentors whom are ready and willing to be engaged in the growth of the next generation.
  2. Increasing district engagement and bringing more relevant and topical events to our district not only within the immediate vicinity of Orlando, but in our surrounding counties. Whether these events are in person or online we will provide an engaging experience to our members and sponsors.
  3. Increasing member involvement and value by strengthening our District’s marquee events and providing more member exclusive events.
  4. Growing local leaders by recruiting talented future CCIMs to serve on our committees and board.
  5. Adding value for our sponsors and members by making meaningful connections, ultimately providing better service to their clients.

As your 2022 Florida CCIM Chapter Central District President, my talented team and I are here to serve YOU. Whether you are a member, sponsor, or looking to become part of the District, do not hesitate to reach out.

Nathan Eissler, CCIM, SIOR
Avison Young


Past Presidents Council / Director

Bill Dehlinger, CCIM
RMA Real Estate Services, LLC

Mobile: (407) 712-5166
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Past Presidents Council / Director

Kent Cooper, CCIM

Kent Cooper, CCIM, CVA
Capstone Commercial

Mobile: (321) 720-0429
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Past Presidents Council / Director

Chris Fojo, CCIM
Millenia Partners

Mobile: (407) 949-8162
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Past Presidents Council / Director

Rick Gonzalez, CCIM, ALC
Crosby & Associates, Inc.

Phone: (352) 408-3892
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Past Presidents Council / Director

Robbie McEwan, CCIM

Office: (407) 745-3908
Mobile: (407) 346-5547
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Past Presidents Council / Director

Paul Reynolds, CCIM
Foundry Commercial

Office: (407) 540-7728
Mobile: (407) 247-8817
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If you are interested in serving on a committee, please contact DeeDee Steinbeck (central@flccim.com).


DeeDee Steinbeck
Florida CCIM Chapter Central District

Phone: (321) 279-2026
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Communications Chair

Diego Sampson
JLL – Puerto Rico & Florida

Mobile: (407) 724-1167
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Communications Chair

Richard Kurban, CCIM
RKommercial Group

Mobile: (407) 800-1009
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Education Chair

Remi Silva
Truvalor Realty

Phone: (407) 218-0937
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Education Chair

James Flint, CCIM
Sperry CGA – Flint Brokers & Associates

Office: (321) 252-9090
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International Chair

Ken Pierce, CCIM, CIPS
Pierce Florida Realty

Phone: (407) 383-6572
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Membership Chair

Rick Orr
Cornerstone Publishing, Inc.

Office: (407) 435-2004
Mobile: (407) 435-2004
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Mentoring Chair

Dianne Grant
KW Classic Realty

Office: (407) 292-5400
Mobile: (407) 383-9784
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Mentoring Chair

Rafael Mendez
SVN | Saunders Ralston Dantzler

Office: (863) 648-1528
Mobile: (407) 748-8970
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Scholarship Chair

Lou Payas, CCIM, SIOR
Payas Commercial Real Estate

Office: (407) 843-9781
Mobile: (407) 492-1324
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Scholarship Chair

Erik Vasquez
C. Brenner Inc. Commercial Real Estate

Office: (407) 986-0281
Mobile: (407) 415-7825
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Social Events Chair

Ronn Medlock
Ronn Medlock
Private Equity Finance

Phone: (407) 790-9419
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Special Events Chair

Amy Foote

Amy Foote
LandQwest Commercial

Phone: (407) 749-1096
Mobile: (407) 451-5171
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Special Events Chair

KP Capehart

KP Capehart
SODO Commercial Group

Mobile: (407) 456-1040
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Special Events Chair

Tim Harber

Tim Harber, CCIM
Harber Real Estate

Office: (321) 960-4679
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Sponsorship / Legislative / RPAC Chair

Ali Manekia, CCIM
Dover International Company, Inc.

Phone: (516) 655-8700
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Sponsorship Chair

Francisco Jaramillo, MBA, CCIM
Jaramillo Commercial Real Estate

Phone: (407) 683-4444
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Sponsorship Chair

Diane Larsen, CCIM, GRI
Tri Square Realty|Root Company

Phone: (386) 671-4905
Mobile: (386) 451-1988
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University Alliance/
Candidate Guidance/
Designation Promo Chair

Sheila Potts, CCIM
Tannath Realty

Phone: (407) 375-2474
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