Central District


The mission of the Florida CCIM Chapter is to provide the highest quality marketing and networking opportunities, services, and education that will enhance our members‘ ability to conduct business successfully.

The Central District serves the Volusia, Seminole, Orange, Brevard, Osceola, Lake, Sumter, and Marion counties.


Forecasting the Future of Commercial Real Estate

Wednesday, October 21, 2020
9:30-11:00 a.m. EST



To apply for the Mentorship Program:





Amy Calandrino, CCIM

Amy Calandrino, CCIM
Beyond Commercial

Office: (407) 641-2221
Mobile: (407) 492-0433
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President Elect

Hunter Strickland, CCIM
First Capital Property Group, Inc.

Phone: (321) 663-1243
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Nathan Eissler, CCIM
Avison Young

Office: (407) 440-6658
Mobile: (407) 342-7494
(407) 219-3501
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Past President

Kent Cooper, CCIM

Kent Cooper, CCIM, CVA
Capstone Commercial of Brevard, Inc.

Office: (321) 784-4222
Mobile: (321) 720-0429
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“When you can’t change the direction of the wind, adjust your sails.” – H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Your executive team worked to create a 2020 plan, which has had to be retooled to follow CDC and governmental guidance in the wake of the coronavirus.  We have worked tirelessly the past few weeks to adjust our plan and deploy resources for our members.

Our core goal to ENGAGE AND SUPPORT THE NEXT GENERATION OF LEADERS not only within Orange County, but all counties within our district HAS NOT WAVERED. In fact, we are more than ever resolutely focused on serving our members.

In furtherance of our lofty goal, we have committed to the following (updates are included below):

  1. Increasing district engagement and bringing more relevant and topical events to our district not only within the immediate vicinity of Orlando, but in our surrounding counties. With the coronavirus, we have brought many of our events including the monthly marketing session and education events online making accessibility no longer a concern will most certainly achieve this goal. – ONGOING
  2. Including more candidates and recent designees on our board so that they can give back and build leadership skills – COMPLETED
  3. Creating a vibrant Past Presidents’ Council to support our emerging leaders – COMPLETED
  4. Facilitating opportunities for member involvement through the strengthening of our Chapter’s committees – ONGOING
  5. Holding our sell-out Mid-Year Update event, but rebranding it to be a topical focus annually. 2020 will focus on the retail shift’s impact on other sectors as well as the state of retail due to the corona virus. – COMPLETED
  6. Providing incredible value for our sponsors to increase District revenue to support these lofty goals – ONGOING
  7. Continuing our top-notch mentoring program to cultivate future CCIMs – ONGOING

As your 2020 Florida CCIM Chapter Central District President, my talented team and I are here to serve YOU. Whether you are a member, sponsor, or looking to become part of District, do not hesitate to reach out.

I look forward to meeting you soon!

Amy Calandrino, CCIM
Beyond Commercial


Past Presidents Council / Director

Bill Dehlinger, CCIM
KW Commercial

Office: (407) 977-7600
Mobile: (407) 712-5166
Fax: (407) 977-7612
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Past Presidents Council / Director

Chris Fojo
Millenia Partners

Mobile: (407) 949-8162
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Past Presidents Council / Director

Rick Gonzalez, CCIM, ALC
Crosby & Associates, Inc.

Phone: (352) 408-3892
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Past Presidents Council / Director

Robbie McEwan, CCIM

Office: (407) 745-3908
Mobile: (407) 346-5547
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Past Presidents Council / Director

Paul Reynolds
Foundry Commercial

Office: (407) 540-7728
Mobile: (407) 247-8817
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If you are interested in serving on a committee, please contact DeeDee Steinbeck (central@flccim.com).


DeeDee Steinbeck
Florida CCIM Chapter Central District

Phone: (321) 279-2026
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Education Chair

Kaveh Albekord
Albekord, Inc.

Phone: (407) 821-7821
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Education Chair

Ben Brenner
C. Brenner, Inc.

Phone: (407) 677-1700
Mobile: (407) 970-6447
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Sponsorship / RPAC / Legislative Chair

Marie Boyle, CCIM
Palkiper Commercial Real Estate Services

Phone: (407) 383-8142
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Mentoring Chair

Chris Cucci
CenterState Bank

Phone: (407) 414-5474
Mobile: (407) 414-5474
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Communications Chair

James Flint
Sperry CGA – Flint Brokers & Associates

Office: (321) 252-9090
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Communications Chair

Bob Gagliardi, CFM, CPM
Stewart Title

Mobile: (407) 619-7279
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Sponsorship / RPAC / Legislative Chair

Veronica Malolos, CCIM
NAI Realvest

Office: (407) 949-0717
Mobile: (407) 791-3772
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Mentoring Chair

Dianne Grant
KW Classic Realty

Office: (407) 292-5400
Mobile: (407) 383-9784
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Scholarship Chair

Francisco Jaramillo, CCIM
Jaramillo Commercial Real Estate

Phone: (407) 683-4444
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Candidate Guidance Chair

Christy Kurtz-Clark
SVN | Saunders Ralston Dantzler Real Estate

Phone: (352) 223-0817
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Membership Chair

Tai Lee
LandQwest Commercial

Phone: (407) 687-9798
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Sponsorship / RPAC / Legislative Chair

Ali Manekia
Dover International Company, Inc.

Phone: (516) 655-8700
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Social Events Chair

Ronn Medlock
Ronn Medlock
Private Equity Finance

Phone: (407) 790-9419
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Designation Promotion Chair

Kane Morris-Webster
B+E (Brokers+Engineers)

Office: (407) 501-6093
Mobile: (407) 928-8752
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Membership Chair

Rick Orr
Cornerstone Publishing, Inc.

Office: (407) 435-2004
Mobile: (407) 435-2004
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Scholarship Chair

Lou Payas, CCIM, SIOR
Payas Commercial Real Estate

Office: (407) 843-9781
Mobile: (407) 492-1324
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Commercial Alliance Chair

Jen Pollock
Ameris Bank

Phone: (407) 704-0993
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Special Events Chair

Sheila Potts
Tannath Realty

Phone: (407) 375-2474
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Special Events Chair

Erik Vasquez
Palkiper Commercial Real Estate Services

Phone: (407) 986-0281
Mobile: (407) 415-7825
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Commercial Alliance Chair

Derek Riggleman
Lee & Associates Central Florida, LLC

Phone: (407) 456-3463
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University Alliance Chair

Tim Rogers
Franklin Street

Phone: (407) 458-5414
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International Chair

John Sadri
John Sadri & Company LLC

Phone: (407) 619-9999
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International Chair

Diego Sampson
Sampson Real Estate (PR) / Keller Williams Legacy (FL)

Phone: (407) 724-1167
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Social Chair

Eric Shipp
KW Commercial

Mobile: (407) 630-1317
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University Alliance Chair

J. Turner Swann, CCIM
Swann & Associates, Lakemont Group

Office: (386) 738-3688
Mobile: (386) 748-2308
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