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CCIM stands for Certified Commercial Investment Member, and its members are recognized as experts in the disciplines of Commercial & Investment Real Estate.


The mission of the Florida CCIM Chapter is to provide the highest quality marketing and networking opportunities, services, and education that will enhance our members’ ability to conduct business successfully.

To assist with becoming a CCIM, we have several Chapter Scholarships available to apply for using our online Scholarship Applications.


The Florida CCIM Chapter is comprised of 8 districtsNorth, Panhandle, Central, West Coast, East Coast, Southwest, Ft. Lauderdale-Broward, and Miami-Dade/Monroe – serving the entire state of Florida.



UPCOMING @CCIMFlorida EVENT: CENTRAL District Board of Directors Meeting: https://t.co/vT88P9bvuH #CCIM #CRE https://t.co/RyBlJqUEpB
UPCOMING @CCIMFlorida EVENT: Phil Purcell, CEO of the Marine Industries Association of South Florida, shares his ke… https://t.co/9ueYNVxi3U
UPCOMING @CCIMFlorida EVENT: On Wednesday, May 15th, a panel of emergency response officials from around Southwest… https://t.co/eN0z9aG2FO


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Florida Realtors® PAC had an excellent fundraising year in 2018:

  1. Raising $3.9 million
  2. 750 Major Investors
  3. 34% of our members participating in the PAC. It’s the most ever raised in one year and the most major Investors we’ve ever had in Florida!

In addition, 2018 was one of our most successful years on the advocacy side, producing a number of electoral victories that will make a huge difference for Realtors® and homeowners in Florida.

There is no better time than now to invest in Florida Realtors® PAC. You can contribute as little as $20 to be considered a “participant” in the PAC. To invest, simply go to http://www.floridarealtors.org/invest to quickly and easily support your profession!





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Networking and creating relationships with fellow CCIMs has proven to be extremely valuable and financially rewarding for our members.



The #1 goal of CCIM courses is simple: To give you the knowledge and tools needed to make successful deals and, in turn, increase your own personal income.



CCIM’s exclusive tools and technology gives members access to proprietary technology and tools.

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Chapter President

Tina Marie Eloian, CCIM
Florida Commercial Group
Office: (813) 935-9600
Cell: (813) 997-4321
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“The Not-So-Secret Power of The Pin”

The Power of The Pin. A strong statement for many of us here in the State of Florida.  For me, attaining the pin took many hours away from home, my business, my personal life.  After each course, I would wonder….am I going to make it to the next. How in the world did I even pass that course?  How am I going to juggle everything?  But in the end, I did.  Tenacity won over defeat.  I passed the exam and earned the most expensive pin I own.  A symbol to the hardships taken, the rocky road in between and that sweet horizon upon the finish line.  At that point, I realized, my career in Commercial Real Estate was about to get really exciting and head in a whole new direction.

The Power of the Pin is driving along I-10 toward Pensacola in support of one of the first CCIM courses held in the Panhandle District in years.  Knowing that I will meet 26 new faces.  How exhilarating will that be!  And it was.  The energy from the candidates; the belief from the instructors; and the leadership from two seasoned brokers taking the Life After The Pin course —  all mixed into CCIM 101 and the outcome was momentous! This year, the Panhandle has hosted its 2nd  Networking/Social of the year.  This social was to welcome those taking the course and introduce them to brokers and affiliates in this dedicated district.  Kudos to the Panhandle District Leadership!

The Power of the Pin is hearing what a difference it made in someone’s career or life that they are a CCIM. That the Deal worked out because of the relations in CCIM.  Or at a networking event in the West District, an Open House in South Tampa, brought in 91 Commercial attendees, mostly CCIM’s showing support for one Broker at her new development site.  That is the Power of the Pin.

The Power of the Pin is going to San Antonio Texas March 29-April 3rd, 2019, (http://bit.ly/GovernanceMeetingsSanAntonio) to congratulate and welcome 17 new Designees to the Florida Chapter.  To watch those Designees get sworn in to become  new CCIMs.  To see the joy and relief as fellow CCIMs begin to Pin each new Designee.  As we head off with our Red CCIM Jackets to celebrate at Piattis Italian Restaurant, in Celebration with hip hip hoorays for an evening of networking, comradery, friendship, and business.

The Power of the Pin is very Strong when CCIM’s come together.  If you are able to attend the CCIM Conference in San Antonio, you will be happy that you did.  There are many events, Deals & Drinks to present properties, & Networking that you would NOT want to miss!  Come hang with the Florida crowd and walk away with Referrals from the rest of the group!

The Power of the Pin is as strong as a CCIM wants it to be.  To me the Pin is very Strong.  Florida is off the charts with a powerful yet humble leadership team.  As I drive around the State and visit with various leaders in the districts and in other organizations such as AREAA, I can’t help but to feel proud of our State CCIM Leaders that serve you!  Being a Volunteer and in a Leadership position is not an easy task.  I have seen leaders from this year take a simple task and turn it into a life changing benefit for our members.  To name a few: Mentorship Program; CCIM Education hits record highs;  Education Schedule posted on Florida Realtor Website; Panhandle District holds 1st CCIM course/social in 1st Quarter in years; Technology Benefits on a roll; Communication / Press Releases rolling out continuously from Districts;

Yes indeed, the Power of the Pin is strong with the State of Florida CCIM Chapter! Keep it up Districts and Leaders! I’m only three months in as President and it has been one incredible ride!  I look forward to all the events coming up around the state and let’s keep pushing forward in our deal making! Reach out to five CCIMs tomorrow and make a deal! The Pin is only as Powerful as you want it to be. Just believe in it and oh the wonders you will see!

Have a great month everyone and I look forward to seeing all of you in San Antonio Texas!  If not, I’ll see you at the next event!  Just remember… “The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” -Mark Twain

Tina Marie Eloian, CCIM
Florida Chapter CCIM President, 2019
#1 CCIM Global Chapter Florida 2017