Two CCIMS Complete 40+ Acres Land Sale on Flamingo Road in Davie

Two CCIMS Complete 40+ Acres Land Sale on Flamingo Road in Davie

Joe Pelayo with Total Real Estate Consultants, Inc. and Richard Abraham with Abraham & Associates completed a sale deal of 41 Acres of land located at Flamingo Rd. Davie, FL.

This has been a deal of much effort from both realty companies to make sure the seller and buyer were both content with the terms. The seller was Dorothy Dibiase No. 1 Family Limited Partnership and the buyer was Five in One Investments, LLC. The new owners are developers from South America who are in the works to find a few different possible uses for the land.

Considering a deal of this magnitude does not happen every day, Mr. Pelayo & Mr. Abraham worked hard to make sure everything turned out great for both sides.

“Big deals like this one”, says Mr, Pelayo “usually always have their ups and downs. I was very honored to work with Richard on this deal considering two minds are better than one. With both of our expertise as our backbone for this deal, we were able to get things done to the high standards that we both demand from ourselves. This is one of many deals we have closed together in the multiple years we have known each other and certainly will not be the last”.

They both hope to continue giving their clients, with properties of any size, the best service possible.


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