FLCCIM Webinar: “FLCCIM Webinar: ‘TheAnalyst PRO’ with Todd Kuhlmann” (05/12/2020)

FLCCIM Webinar: “FLCCIM Webinar: ‘TheAnalyst PRO’ with Todd Kuhlmann” (05/12/2020)

Webinar: “FLCCIM Webinar: TheAnalyst PRO’ with Todd Kuhlmann” (05/12/2020)

Commercial real estate investment involves a multitude of different analyses, formulas and models. In this extended training session, TheAnalyst PRO founder Todd Kuhlmann will review:
Cash Flow Model
Top CRE Investment Measures, including:

  • GRM
  • CAP Rate
  • Cash-on-Cash
  • Property IRR
  • Equity IRR/Yield
  • Impact of Financing on Equity IRR/Yield

This interactive session walks through a Case Study that will show how to analyze investor expectations and complete a 5-year cash flow analysis for proposed apartment development. Todd will demonstrate the impact of financing for a potential buyer of this property as well a demographic analysis for supply and demand.


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