Southwest District President’s Message

Southwest District President’s Message

Ron Welebny, CCIM

Dear Colleague,

I am honored to assume this office for 2024 and look forward to a year during which each of us derives success and satisfaction from membership in our global institute.

The lines of convention that tie us via the Florida Chapter, through Region 8, and then to the seat of governance at the Institute have always been of interest to me.

After The leadership training for incoming Chapter and District officers, I come away knowing how things are supposed to work and importantly, how we might maintain and maximize our member benefits.

Our mission as I see it is for us to:

  • Ensure that Buyers, Sellers, and Investors are fully aware that their interests in Commercial Real Estate are best served with the engagement of Designees above all others.
  • Ensure that Brokers, Broker Associates, and Sales Associates, are fully aware that gaining their Designation will put them on a level playing field in the competitive Commercial marketplace.
  • Maintain high visibility throughout the community at large; as “The Standard Bearer for Professional Practice in Commercial Real Estate (not unlike the Bar Association for attorneys).”
  • Continue to support and deliver the most comprehensive educational opportunities for ourselves as Designees, and as importantly, for those practitioners who would benefit by joining our numbers and achieve their Designation (earning the “Pin”).
  • Continue to craft and deliver frequent informational and, yes, social gatherings and webinars for the betterment of those of us in practice and those who will benefit from our services.
  • Provide continuing educational support and mentorship for candidates who are in pursuit of the Pin.

As in years gone by, we need to work together as individuals to nurture and fulfill these objectives. We need leaders as well as followers. ALL ARE WELCOME TO PARTICIPATE. One does not need to be a Designee to chair or to work on a committee.

Please stay tuned (that phrase from the days of radio seems never to go away) as our District’s Executive Committee (current officers and past presidents) keeps the machinery working while our Board does the ‘heavy-lifting.’ We look forward to our 2024 program year. PLEASE DO COMMENT ON ANY OF THIS –

Planning for CREOC (Commercial Real Estate Outlook Conference) February 28th is well under way and we invite comments, advice, and participation from one-and-all in this, our signature activity.

Cordially yours,

Ronald J. Welebny, CCIM
President, SWFL District CCIM, 2024


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