Chapter Gives & Grows – Thanks to Young, Energetic, Diverse Membership

Chapter Gives & Grows – Thanks to Young, Energetic, Diverse Membership

Scott Lloyd, CCIM

“As my role as your President of the Florida CCIM Chapter winds down, please allow me to share some thoughts and ideas:

First, I hate hurricanes.

Second, I am very proud of our CCIM family for raising close to $30K to bring high capacity generators to our CCIM’s in Puerto Rico. Donations have rolled in from Florida members. Please know that every District President agreed to contribute without batting an eye. Let’s hope it helps them in a small way.

Third, we have injected our incoming leadership with some much-needed youth! The average age of our Officers in 2018 will be 20 years younger than that of the Officers of just 2 years ago. Look out for these whipper-snappers. They are smart, passionate and bringing many great ideas.

Fourth, I’m amazed and honored to know the eighty or so volunteers (of all ages) that are molding this Chapter and its eight Districts into something special. Their dedication in time and effort is something to behold. Please consider taking a moment to thank your District leaders and Chapter Officers when able. Because of their hard work we just passed the 900-member threshold!

Fifth, I am more convinced than ever that involvement with this Chapter and gaining the CCIM designation will provide elevation and further separation from the rest of the CRE pack. The networking and ever-improving technological tools afforded to us as Florida CCIM Chapter members will help define success in the coming years.

Sixth, the CCIM Institute is going global. If you have interest in projecting your personal or professional brand past the U.S. borders, pay attention to what the Institute is doing and get involved now.

Seventh, I always thought Florida was unique in its diversity. After working with many of you over the past ten months, there is no doubt.

Eighth, am I the only person that cannot believe that Thanksgiving a few weeks away?

Finally, the past months have been a real challenge to us as Floridians. I hope that you and your families were able to withstand the hurricane cycle with limited impacts. For those seriously affected, I hope that you are on the road to relative normalcy.

Thank you for letting me share.”


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