Candidates – What is CCIM?

Candidates – What is CCIM?


The following video may help:

  • Are you in the process of earning your CCIM Designation?
  • Do you know that the Florida CCIM Chapter is here to assist you?
  • Do you need more information or have questions?

We have a Candidate Development Chair that’s here for you (and local District Chairs as well):

Barbara Ann Monahan, CCIM
Phone: 239-370-0229

What is the next Portfolio Submission Deadline? Jan. 11, 2019

When and Where are the upcoming courses in Florida?

CI-101 is mandatory before the other courses are taken. Additionally, the Negotiations course is mandatory before CI-103.

Course Date Location
CI-103* (Negotiations on 1st Date) Sept 10 — 14 Orlando
CI-103* (Negotiations on 1st Date) Oct 29 — Nov 2 Ft. Myers
CI-102 Nov 5 — 8 Orlando
CI-104 Nov 6 — 9 Miami
CI-101 Jan 15 — 18 Naples


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