Chapter President’s Message (June 2019)

Chapter President’s Message (June 2019)

Adam Palmer, CCIMFlorida CCIM leaders were recently welcomed to the 2019 Global Business Summit at Barber Motorsports Museum in Leeds, Alabama.  Being supportive of the Alabama Chapter, Florida CCIM members attended the event.  Florida CCIM membership goes beyond the state lines when it comes to business relations, education and networking amongst our fellow CCIMs.  A few of us travelled from Florida to Alabama to support chapter members as they were inducted as the President & BOD for a new Asian Real Estate Association of America (AREAA) Chapter in the State of Alabama.

Furthermore, regarding international relations, the Florida Chapter this year created its first ever Global Alliance task force to represent global affiliation right here in the State of Florida!

Some positive notes to mention as we are finish our midyear 2019 with a bang:

  • We’ve had a phenomenal mentorship program begin with 16 new mentees and mentors!
  • Our Legislative and RPAC endeavors are being posted in a timely manner to our membership and on the web for full throttle education on all legislative affairs!
  • Our educational classes are going extremely well and hitting all-time highs!
  • We’ve had more applicants to leadership positions than ever before!
  • Our communications, website and social media has had more Likes, Clicks and Open rates! Membership is sending posts of in Deals being closed and Deals amongst members!
  • Collaboration seems to be our middle name with district to district! Kudos to all the districts leadership and members— keep up the good work!

Coming into the summer, it’s been a hot one for me and I’ve taken to the beaches and pool with my little one to cool off.  Hopefully you’ll try to take a break and enjoy family and friends as we roll into summer— Get prepared for a busy Fall- we have the San Diego CCIM Institute Conference coming up (October 12), CCIM Florida Chapter Conference in Orlando in August, and Leadership Training will be right around the corner both with the Institute and the chapter!  It will be a fun, exciting and educational ride until the end of the year so get prepared for the journey by taking a much-needed summer break. 🙂

See you all real soon,

Tina Marie Eloian, CCIM
Florida Chapter CCIM President, 2019
#1 CCIM Global Chapter Florida 2017


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