Florida CCIM Chapter Request for Proposals: Association Management Services

Florida CCIM Chapter Request for Proposals: Association Management Services

The Florida CCIM Chapter is seeking proposals from qualified individuals and firms for the provision of association management services to FLCCIM Chapter.

The following Request for Proposals (RFP) describes the areas of expertise that are sought in support of Florida CCIM Chapter (FLCCIM Chapter) meetings, activities, promotion, branding and executive/administrative tasks. FLCCIM Chapter seeks to establish a contract with an individual or firm that is experienced in providing professional association management services.

The FLCCIM Board will conduct an evaluation of submitted proposals and will award a contract to the individual or firm whose proposal is determined to be most advantageous to FLCCIM considering the factors set forth in this RFP.

The initial contract resulting from the RFP will be effective after approval by the FLCCIM Board to start on an agreed upon date for a period not to exceed three (3) years, with annual renewal contingent upon contractual requirements being satisfied based on a mid- year review and an end-of-year review by FLCCIM officers. FLCCIM will determine when it will be appropriate to issue a new RFP for management services or to renew for a successive contract.

Background Information

Florida CCIM Chapter (hereinafter referred to as the “FLCCIM Chapter”), as a Chapter of the CCIM Institute (hereinafter referred to as the “Institute”) of the National Association of REALTORS®.  Bylaws are available and should be reviewed.

With approximately 900 regular and associate members, FLCCIM Chapter is a nonprofit that serves as the state level community of CRE professionals and supports and guides the chapter’s eight districts – North, Panhandle, Central, West Coast, East Coast, Southwest, Ft. Lauderdale-Broward, and Miami-Dade/Monroe – thus serving members across the entire state of Florida.

Visit FLCCIM.com for more information about the Florida CCIM Chapter. Please contact 2020 FLCCIM Chapter Vice President Jose Maria “Chepe” Serrano, CCIM,  New Miami Realty Corp. at jserrano@newmiamirealty.com with any questions, or to request a more detailed RFP that includes specific action items, detailed responsibilities and more.

Scope of Contracted Work

The following information describes FLCCIM Chapter’s expectations of the awarded contractor’s responsibilities, as they relate to providing association management services to FLCCIM. The selected contractor will report directly to the FLCCIM Chapter VP of Administration, President and its Board of Directors. The scope of contracted work includes, but is not limited, to responsibilities relating to:

  • Executive/Administrative
  • Public Relations/Marketing/Communications
  • Website, Social Media and Publications
  • Member/Volunteer/Candidate Development
  • Meeting and Event Management
  • License Delivery/Education 

Response Format and Proposal Instructions

Responses must include the following information that will serve as the basis for rating qualifications of the individual/firm in this RFP. In the review process, FLCCIM will evaluate proposals on the basis of the following information that must be submitted in each response:

  1. Provide an executive summary of your approach — condense and highlight your approach to the contents of the proposal. The summary should provide the FLCCIM Board with an overall understanding of the proposal and the individual/firm’s approach.
  2. Provide evidence of the individual/firm’s ability to provide association management services, including company background and history.
  3. Provide the following information:
  • Identify how you will manage, service and support FLCCIM
  • Describe your individual/firm’s experience with similar clients/associations, including their approximate budget level
  • Present a detailed process for your services and how those components will benefit FLCCIM Chapter.
  1. An outline of the individual/firm’s credentials and the professional experience of individual staff members— positions held, past clients, etc. Individuals/firms should include resumes or other descriptions of relevant past experience and qualifications of key individuals who will work with FLCCIM Chapter.
  2. Individuals/firms must list at least three (3) references for similar work completed in the association management market that includes the following information: company name, address and phone number; contact name, title and e-mail; website address (if applicable). FLCCIM Chapter may contact the individuals listed to validate the nature of the individual/firm’s experience.
  3. Fee Structure: Detail the fees associated with providing the detailed Scope of Work and any additional costs that may be associated with fulfilling this scope of work.
  4. Individuals/firms may also provide any additional information that may be germane to the proposal and the evaluation of the individual/firm’s experience.

Submission and General Instructions

Individuals and firms responding to this announcement shall submit their proposal by email to FLCCIM Executive Director (executivedirector@FLCCIM.com) by Oct. 31, 2019.

  1. RFP Notice- Open for Submission Oct. 15.
  2. Proposal Submission Deadline – Oct. 31
  3. FLCCIM Task Force Review and Interviews – Nov. 1 through Nov. 15
  4. FLCCIM Board Consideration/Approval/Contract with New Management – Nov. 27th
  5. New Management Announced – Jan. 21, 2020.

All proposals should be submitted as a PDF. Submitted proposals should not exceed 10 printed pages in length in their entirety, inclusive of appendices and other reference material, but not including individual resumes.

Please note that any additional information, other than the 10-page submission and resumes, will not be reviewed. Font size for basic narrative descriptions must be no smaller than 12-point Times New Roman. The subject line should read: FLCCIM Proposal for Association Management Services.


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