Final Presidential Message

Final Presidential Message

Adam Palmer, CCIM

Over the past year we have seen many improvements in our Florida CCIM Chapter. Thank you CCIM Members for the honor to have served as your 2019 Florida CCIM Chapter President!

It was a year of Additional Member benefits including Educational forums, Outlooks, Improved Technology, Networking leading to more deal making and becoming known as the go to group FOR ALL THINGS COMMERCIAL.

I would like to personally thank Cindy Petika and Stephanie Rodriguez for their confidence and support in my leadership of the Florida CCIM Chapter by stepping up to the plate and assisting during one of the most pivotal points of the Florida CCIM Chapter. I hold your actions in great reverence.

Also, our CCIM Executive Committee, Adam Palmer, Terry Torres, Stephen Rigl, Jose Serrano, Rick Gonzalez, Bill Dehlinger as well as Brian Ahearn and Jill Carbonelli (as our District Reps) your dedication to the CCIM Pin and commitment to excellence plus hours of volunteering for the CCIM Florida Chapter- without your expertise & Leadership- none of this would have been possible!


MEMBERSHIP: Per Membership Chair Theresa Blauch-Mitchell, CCIM the year end promotion was a success, and we finally reached a milestone of over 1,000 members signed up for 2019- 1,010 to be exact! 😊

Mentorship Program: The mentorship program grew from Central District to all 8 districts encompassing 16 graduates! Congratulations Janet Davis, and Veronica Malolos, CCIMs for your Outstanding Leadership Roles!

Realtor Association Involvement: Our relations continue to grow with Florida Realtors (FR) and National Association of Realtors (NAR) by way of CCIMs being involved in Leadership positions bringing our wealth of Commercial Knowledge to the platform.

Sponsorship: We have created Great Sponsorship relationships with, NAI Global, Wells Fargo, LandQwest, A & B Insurance & Risk Management, Centennial SBA, American Home Title, CBRE, US Trust, Sperry Commercial Global Affiliates, Empire Roofing, Southern Title,, & Orlando Regional Realtor Association (ORRA).  Thank you CCIM Florida Chapter Sponsors and for your Continued Support, Loyalty and Successes with our CCIM Members.

Doing Deals: Deals have always gone on between CCIMs but now they are being pushed out by Press Releases, Newsletters and Social Media.  Our Communications, Website and Social Media has had more Likes, Clicks and Open Rates! Membership is sending in Deals being closed and these Deals are amongst members!

The World is figuring out CCIMs know a thing or two about Commercial Real Estate!

News: Our Legislative and RPAC news is being posted consistently to our membership page and on the web for up- to- date Legislative affairs!

Education: Our Educational Classes are going extremely well and hitting all-time highs as per Rick Gonzalez, CCIM VP Education Chair!  Every Course in 2019 made a profit! That is a Statement in its own right!

Leadership: We have had more members to apply to Leadership positions than ever before!

Collaboration: This word seems to be our middle name within Chapter and District to District!

New CCIM Director:  A Task force was formed to locate an executive director/team for our CCIM Chapter, and they have been Successful in their journey! The announcement will be made at the Meetings in Orlando in January 2020! I am so pleased with their teamwork, their conference calls, interviews, questions asked and so forth… these CCIM’s really came together as ONE and made this Happen for YOU! Congratulations! Can’t wait to hear the New News!

Bylaws Update:  Cynthia Shelton and Chere Roane, CCIMs both past presidents of the Chapter and Cynthia of the Institute, have been working diligently on the Bylaws and Standard Operating Procedure revisions and we should have a final set for review for the January 2020 meetings!  Thank you, ladies, for your Knowledge and commitment on this project.

Communications:  Committee Chair for 2019, Carol Tanner, CCIM reports that Readership has been steady with about 25% of our 5,000+ distributed newsletters being opened and read with an average of 12% clicking through to read more or sign up for Events, Classes or learn more about Sponsors, Members and  other Chapter news.   On the Social Media side, following of the Facebook page is up approximately 11% this year with an increase in LinkedIn and Twitter followers as well.

Technology. There has been much work done on the website with posting educational courses, events, press releases, integrating with our social media accounts, and keeping information up-to-date. The website was visited over 20,000 times in 2019, up 17% from the previous year. 23% of those visits were on a mobile device, validating our commitment to stay modern and user-friendly as technologies advance. I’d like to personally thank Roberto Lo Presti for all of his hard work on this ever-changing platform!

Finance:  As per Stephen Rigl, CCIM VP Finance “2019 has been a good year for Florida CCIM.  We have over $200k in our reserves plus most of the Districts and the Chapter are well supported with operating funds.  Membership is now close to 1,000 which makes a nice annual financial contribution to our Chapter and District coffers.  License delivery and sponsorships have also contributed significantly to the Chapter‘s success with increased revenue. Districts have done a good job with the timely submittals of expenses, reimbursements and budget information.”

Philanthropy: Giving back to the community seemed to be in the air this year for the Florida Chapter.

Broward District: Holiday Party and donated to a Homeless Local Charity.

Central District: Holiday Breakfast and had donations go to a Homeless Local Charity.

East District: The Golf Tournament raised over $100,000.  The large majority goes to Juvenile Diabetes as their local charity- WOW!

Miami District: CCIMs volunteered at the Chapmen Homeless Shelter serving Dinner.

West District: A Turkey Challenge was issued by Eshenbaugh, a CCIM district member and challenged to more district members exceeding everyone’s goals to raise money for Metropolitan Ministries by $7,500 for Thanksgiving.

On a personal note, our CCIM Family has lost some amazing CCIMs this year, some unexpectedly and we have also had other CCIM’s become seriously ill.  I thank you for your service in our Commercial Industry and we hope you become healthier in 2020.

Thank you to ALL the CCIMs around the State of Florida and Globally!  You have been my rock this year in this presidency. It could Never have been accomplished without your support, dedication to the Pin and Love for Commercial Real Estate! With that, I want to personally say Thank you from the depth of my heart and wish you ALL a continued Successful 2020 and May God Bless you with Hope, Love and Happiness in your lives and in your continued Businesses! Viva CCIM Florida Chapter!

Happy New Year!

Tina Marie Eloian, CCIM
President 2019


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