President’s Corner

President’s Corner

Jose Chepe Serrano, CCIMAs your 2021 Florida Chapter President, I was asked to write a message for the Florida Focus e-newsletter and two questions immediately came to mind: what is the true purpose of the President’s message and who is the intended audience.

Prior to beginning, I want to be clear that this is my personal and humble opinion, and it does not reflect the Chapter’s view on the subject in any way. The President’s message is not to be viewed as a complex economic review on the current state of commercial market, the availability of financing for commercial development projects, volatility of today’s markets or the effects that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on commercial real estate; we have economic experts to provide direction on that and very good ones I might add!

At its core, this message is simple. It is, that we all work very hard to put together excellent presentations by renown and well-respected experts in their field. We collaborate and encourage you to attend different events throughout the year, to keep learning and growing as a commercial practitioner and use that knowledge to better advise your customers and expand your business. Simply to reaffirm that your CCIM Florida Chapter is the best and most reliable source and should be regarded as not only your first source, but “the source of sources” for everything that has to do with commercial real estate. After all, we are founded on knowledge and education. Within our network, we have some of the best commercial practitioners in the world! So, what is the message? To trust the information and tools offered within the Chapter, Institute and at District level. Success does not come easy. It is rather the fruit of countless and tireless volunteer hours by those who choose to give back and serve their fellow practitioners.

Who is the audience? It is as broad as our beloved commercial real estate. On one side we have CCIM members, designees, candidates, affiliates, and sponsors, who are here to find the most accurate, razor blade precise and updated reliable information, in order to be the trusted source in our field. On the other side, we have anyone interested in understanding the reality of the real estate market and how it is affected by market trends, interest rates, political environment, stock market stability or uncertainty, housing market and population migration trends and how they affect different commercial assets.

Today, I speak to all of you and I invite you to be both the source and the audience, because in order to become the best source, you need to understand who your audience is and what your audience wants. The message is simple, we are all here looking for higher achievements or success and this chapter can help you reach those heights.

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