FLCCIM Chapter President’s Message

FLCCIM Chapter President’s Message

Stephen Rigl, CCIM

Rick Gonzalez, CCIM, ALC

April was a month filled with new beginnings, new certifications, and new brands while maintaining the fundamental integrity of the CCIM designation.

Twenty-four candidates took the arduous (to some) six-hour final exam in Boston and everyone passed! YEA! A list of the new designees is at the end of this message – please reach out to the new designees and say CONGRATULATIONS! Better yet, do a deal with one or more of them.

At least 28 (Liz, Michael, William, Artem, Joe, Francisco, Stephen, Adam, Barbara, Chere, Tina, Theresa, Robin, Soozie, Cynthia, Lou, Lee, Cindy, Sandy, Bev, Randy, Patricia, Terry, Greg, Erik, David, Veronica, Gary – who am I missing?) of our Chapter and District leaders attended the Governance meetings in Boston and were able to share in the honor of our Chapter being presented with the 2022 Best Education Program Award! Thanks for your tremendous support.

Kudos to Soozie’s daughter Bobbi Miracle for allowing us to use her suite in exchange for a drink or two. I guess we are all getting a bit older because – we were safely tucked away in our beds before we became overly enthusiastic in the early morning hours. The celebratory dinner after the pinning ceremony was enjoyed by all and we thank William and Mary Kay for making that happen.

A huge shout out to Chere Roane who, once again, made us look good when we awarded the famous FLCCIM RED JACKET to the new designees.

Aside from the normal course of subcommittee and committee meetings followed by the Institute’s “Changing of the Guard” and “Passing of the Gavel,” we shared good grub and drinks as we got smoked at Ping Pong at the New England Chapter’s enjoyable event. [I had the honor of losing first, leaving me plenty of time to drown my indignation:]

During the formal proceedings, the institute unveiled a new look. Over the past few years, it was apparent to upper management that there was a need to distinguish between our beloved CCIM Designation and the parent organization – The CCIM Institute. There are many facets of the Institute that make up this organization and this refreshed marketing focus brings new light to all that the Institute does while maintaining the stellar reputation and prestige of the CCIM Designation. In addition, the coveted Pin has a new look not much different from our current Pin. (Don’t worry you can continue to use your current pins and banners until such time as it makes sense to get new ones.)

Upcoming this year are the Chapter Officer Training in Chicago, District 8 meetings in Puerto Rico in August, Chapter Meetings at Shingle Creek in Orlando in August, and national meetings in Seattle in October. The Chapter meetings will include an education session on Tuesday August 15th and a commercial reception thereafter. You are welcome to come to any and all of these events.

In closing, the time and money you invest in the Florida CCIM Chapter pays dividends in direct proportion to the time and energy you give back at your local District and at the Chapter level. GET INVOLVED and have fun doing it.

Rick Gonzalez, CCIM, ALC
2023 FLCCIM Chapter President

Congratulations to Our New Designees!

Justin Ankney
Lisa Blumer
John Brewer
Kristen Brown
Laura Cari
Kristian Cata
Monica Cataluna-Shand
Eric Edwards
Oscar Garcia
Eva Gullett
Franz Hoed de Beche
Indrasena Kasireddy
Stella Lalanne
Patrick Mims
Slaton Murray
Mary OMalley
Charles Orden
Ruben Ruban
James Sanders
Marlene Sundquist Behlman
Ian Sweeney
Tracy Waters
Shaun Williams
Nick Woodard

About CCIM

“CCIM stands for Certified Commercial Investment Member. For more than 50 years, CCIMs have been recognized as leading experts in commercial investment real estate. The CCIM lapel pin denotes that the wearer has completed advanced coursework in financial and market analysis, and demonstrated extensive experience in the commercial real estate industry.”


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