Hank Thompson Award Nominations Due October 31, 2021

Hank Thompson Award Nominations Due October 31, 2021

The Hank Thompson Award originated in 1990 in honor of Henry E. Thompson, President of the Florida CCIM Chapter.  The award is given in recognition of a Chapter Designee member in good standing who made a significant impact on the Chapter on a cumulative basis.  Hank Thompson Award recipient’s dues are waived for life. President and President-Elect are not eligible for nomination during their appointment.

Deadline to submit a nomination is October 31, 2021 and must meet the following criteria:


  • Nominee must be a DESIGNEE with a minimum of 10 years as a member in good standing.
  • Designee shall have played an important role in the development of programs/events that resulted in providing benefits and services to chapter members.
  • Designee shall have promoted high morale among the Chapter members.
  • Designee shall have substantially assisted in the development of new members to the Chapter.
  • Designee shall have demonstrated keen loyalty to the CCIM designation and to the Chapter.
  • Designee has maintained the highest possible standard of business ethics in dealing with Chapter members.


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